Restore. Replenish. Rejuvenate


Clear away brain fog and refresh your cognitive capabilities with our unique IV therapy specially tailored for memory boost. Our tried and tested combination includes giving you the required vitamins and components that stimulate hormones to activate heightened brain function.

Therapeutic Use: Sharpens and Enhances memory functions

Target Population: Patients with early signs of poor mental functions or dementia

Doses Quantity: 500 Ml

Duration: 60 Min

One Session: AED 1000

Three Sessions 10% Discount: AED 2700

Five Sessions 20% Discount: AED 4000


You may experience very mild discomfort when the needle penetrates through the skin, but the process is relatively painless following that. Moreover, our team is extremely well-versed in administering IV therapy, so you should barely be able to feel anything. If you have further apprehensions, the use of a numbing cream can also be discussed. Following the IV therapy, you may experience mild swelling and discomfort in the region it was administered. This should subside in a few hours.

Administering an IV drip can take anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour. This depends on the IV package you have chosen, the CC of IV being administered and the viscosity of the IV fluid being administered to you.

Compared to other methods of taking in vitamins, the effects of IV therapy can be experienced much sooner. Some people report feeling the benefits just after one session. However, it may take a month of IV therapy for more long-lasting results to appear.

The frequency of your IV therapy treatment depends on your individual requirement. Your Doctor's recommendations and diagnostic tests will further determine how often you need to get IV therapy.

You will need to check with your respective insurance provider to see if IV drip therapy is covered by insurance

The IV therapy is approved and registered by MOH UAE and is it completely safe. However, the patient should undergo consultation before the injection. To sum up, side effects such as volume overload, allergy, pain at site of injection may be controlled through quite close medical observation.

Yes you can, but our team will take your full medical history into consideration before commencing the IV therapy, to avoid any drug interaction.